Our multi-disciplinary bouquet of services ranges from studio rental to photoshoots, video production to film festival distribution, webcasting to pop-up film screenings.

Our team is ever ready to support you with all of your video production needs. Products include digital content, commercials, music videos, corporate, social media campaigns, and docu-style marketing. With the number of contacts in the industry, our production process allows for projects to come together with ease and within your budget. 


We offer a full range of audio-visual production services, with our team of seasoned directors and skilled technicians. If you have a vision for commercial production, social media spot, marketing film, or music video, let us help you make that vision become a reality.


The online experience is here with the ability to stream/ webcast your live events to viewers anywhere in the world. Our online streaming & webcasting service can take your business to new heights and dimensions by instantly connecting with millions of people across the world in a real-time environment. 


We believe that experience is everything. United by our passion for storytelling and the love for technology, we work hard to produce alluring brand stories from Instagram stories to feature-length documentaries that rise above expectation.


We use a smart algorithm to match your film with our exclusive festival database and design the festival strategy for you. We also help you to collate the items needed to carry out festival submissions including film versions, EPK, Trailers, Bios, Head Shots, Film Stills, Synopses, Dialogue lists, and more.


There are numerous films being made every year yet they never release because theater distributions are too expensive for them. Our pop-up theater model offers them a chance to take their film to the audience in venues and spaces beyond usual cinema theaters!