Why Your Organization Should Have a Video

Artists Integrated Business Private Limited offer services that help you tell your company’s story the way you want. It’s the modern way of getting your message to your client.

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Here are five reasons why you should consider hiring us as a video producer for you and your website:

Videos Allow You to Say More than Words Alone

Words on a page can express a great deal, but the subtle details they often lack can make telling your whole story difficult. It’s also more often that a person will sit and watch a quick video than read an article. The footage captured by ARTOBYOND of Artists Integrated, provides viewers with a clear picture of what your company represents. A video makes it easier for your audience to digest the information provided to them and allow you to make a lasting impression.

Video Production Helps you Stand out

If you always feel like you’re a step behind the competition, ARTOBYOND of Artists Integrated, can help. In marketing you are either ahead of the competition, or behind. Video is an essential part of your product’s marketing strategy. The better and more interesting the video production, the more customers will watch. Potential customers are drawn to the dynamic videos your website offers and will spend more time on your site because of them.

Videos Improve your Website’s Overall Quality

Adding videos to your website will also give it a more professional appearance that will leave visitors with a strong first impression. If you have video, it means you have the foundation and budget to create one. Implementing video content within your website could also help increase site traffic by attracting individuals who are specifically searching for video-based content.

Potential Customers Prefer Video to Articles

Video-based content retains viewer attention for significantly longer than written articles (roughly six times the amount of time that is spent reading a typical article). Essentially, videos completely outmatch traditional written content when it comes to keeping consumers interested. This is where ARTOBYOND of Artists Integrated, can help achieve your goals.

Video Production saves you Money in the Long Run

Maybe you’ve considered the four points above, but are still reluctant to hire ARTOBYOND of Artists Integrated, because you know the importance of handling your budget with care? If this is the case, it may interest you to know that video production more than makes up for its initial cost. According to the study from Axon Research found that as many as 70% of participants claimed to have a better opinion of companies after viewing their video content. With these kinds of results, it’s clear that hiring ARTOBYOND of Artists Integrated is more than worthwhile.

Artists Integrated has a highly experienced team of video production professionals. If you are ready to make a video, contact Artists Integrated today for a free consultation. We know how to create a dynamic yet affordable video content.

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