Video marketing-The Goldmine to grow your Business in 2021

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The global pandemic has brought changes unprecedented to all businesses alike. This has been translated in numerous ways where adaptability to new challenges is being tackled each new day. McKinsey Global Institute’s Future of work after Covid-19 reports that the physical dimension of work has been the most contributing factor in making or breaking a business and that E-commerce has grown 2-5 times faster. The use of social media and digital platforms has only grown exponentially during the pandemic, and experts predict an upward trajectory from here. In an era of peak digital exposure, it is becoming imperative for brands to make the best use of the power of marketing for growth. CMO’s 26th survey edition tells us that the priority to marketing for growth has increased by 73%. Rest assured, it can be understood that digital marketing, in particular, has grown to become synonymous with business development.

Video Marketing as an Indispensable Tool for Business Growth

Owing to our evolutionary process, not only do we rely predominantly on visual cues, but we also process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. This should explain the success of the wide array of visual-based social platforms and content strategies. Harnessing this natural tool is video marketing. Video marketing, as a form of digital marketing, is creating video content for advertising and marketing purposes. Social media week predicts that a staggering 99% of the marketers claim visual media an essential part of their marketing content strategy.

Golden Benefits of Video Marketing

Nothing is surprising about our average attention spans that have shrunk to a mere 5 seconds. It makes it all the more challenging to hold attention to content through marketing. Video content, here for instance grabs attention and builds trust with the consumer. This helps in creating brand awareness, and in turn, makes conversions of potential leads. With increasingly successful user generation of video content and demand for video marketing, business growth is achievable through ways we’ve never known before.

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Nandha Palani Dorai is a content writer and co-founding editor of Bluegraph Press, the literary print magazine & online portal for readers and writers from Indian and South Asia. She helps in elevating brand presence through her content, copy & brand identity design.

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