Video Marketing Campaign to Grow your Business in 2021

Video marketing as a part of the overall content strategy is not really a new idea. Yet, the exponential growth it has had with lead generation, brand awareness, and customer engagement in simple words, is through the roof. All with the added increase in user-generated social video content, video marketing as a tool for strategy is a justified bandwagon that every business should make use of. According to the research done by HubSpot, more than 50% of the consumers want to see video content by brands, and wait for it…more than any other type of content.

HubSpot reports that video content on the landing page could help convert leads by a whopping 80%, while 90% of the customers felt some form of video content positively influenced their purchasing decision. With tools and resources for creating video content and marketing being available from big to small companies and solopreneurs now at 2021, video marketing is becoming something of a hot commodity that should be fully utilized.


A Starter Pack on Video Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

Now that we understand the undeniable importance, how do we get by planning and executing a successful video marketing strategy? A list of points that come in handy are,

· What are your video goals?

· Who is your target audience?

· What do you want to convey to your target audience?

· What is your budget?

Video Goals

Within making content for a brand video, a strategy will help break down the process into stages in the funnel-priority among the stages helps nail the goal for the video.

Target Audience

Mapping your buyer’s persona results in identifying objectives of necessity such as who they are, where they hang out, and what is the end goal of your video.

Brand Message

We, as humans are hardwired to resonate with stories. Falling into a similar pattern is the optimal storytelling of your brand message. Plotting out the basic framework will make your content strategy process easier.


No matter how grand your planning is, it is only as doable as your realistic video marketing strategy budget. Testing out the industry for common pricing, hiring, and support charts the path to budget awareness.

About the Author:

Nandha Palani Dorai is a content writer and co-founding editor of Bluegraph Press, the literary print magazine & online portal for readers and writers from Indian and South Asia. She helps in elevating brand presence through her content, copy & brand identity design.

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