Video Content - The New Marketing Tool

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Creating videos and sharing them on social media platforms is not just a private activity anymore but it's gradually turning into an excellent marketing tool for businesses.

The commonest trend is people watching videos and sharing them with their families, friends, and colleagues. These videos vary from funny, cute animals to tutorials and promotions. This has opened up a chance for businesses to use creativity and spread the word about their brands through videos. The newest statistics on video marketing show that this is the latest marketing trend for businesses to adopt video marketing for their brands.

Whether it’s a product, a service, or an e-commerce website, creating a tremendous video and share it with your audience yield outstanding outcomes in getting customer attention and converting them into sales. You can make explainer videos, promotional videos, branded intro videos, or animations; the design of the videos completely depends on your goals and target audience.

According to a global survey conducted on a group of people spending more than 3 hours on social media every day, 85% state that videos help them connect to the brands and make their purchase choices. 88% of brands that use video marketing report a positive ROI, and 97% of businesses going to adopt video content as their brand marketing tool in 2021. However, 82% of businesses express their concern about creating video content are affordability (56%), lack of time (31%), and hiring a creative team (13%).

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We have some interesting data to support our words and the statistics presented below will provide a clear perspective on the performances of video contents across different platforms & devices, the audience, and the conversion rates. Let the numbers speak for themselves.

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