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Short Film Festival: The culture of Gen-Y

With the rise of independent filmmakers and film enthusiasts, India has become one of the most promising countries when it comes to films and literature. Ever since IFFI was held in 1952, film festivals have been much into the periphery of our country. But amidst all these, the only question that arises every time is what the benefit of participating in film festivals is.

Film festivals are the places and events where cinema and moving image is elevated and celebrated in all its guises. These are the places of discovery and ritual, where film and cinema are often explored and consumed by audiences of all ages and interests. The new filmmakers can reveal their work to the World and audiences can discover new talents. Retrospective titles can be honored and rediscovered.

The short film festivals are important depending on the target of audiences or a particular film. However, since shorts are a way to refine your making and instill confidence, these festivals are a good way of validation since the films are adjudged by film professionals. Moreover, these festivals also provide the platform to judge yourself to other films. However, one should be extremely aware of fraudulent festivals. Well, short film festivals not only does give Independent filmmakers a place to showcase their art but also to connect and share the artistic space with their contemporaries.

Calcutta International Short Film Festival posed to be a unique short film festival being hosted annually by the Kolkata based Independent Film Society. As an international short film festival, it aims to provide a platform for films that deserve a screen. Its sole motive is not only to make an ambiance for the short filmmakers but also to boost the marketing as well as financial aspects of them. It challenges the budding filmmakers to tell their stories most crisply in a limited time.

Calcutta International Short Film Festival hopes to engage both their participants and audiences or better to say the entire filmmaking community in panel discussions, film criticism, and masterclasses on aspects of filmmaking. Events like these are useful for promoting the filmmakers and their films, also on help attendees’ study what goes on behind the mysterious black curtains shrouding the film industry.