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Professional Corporate Video Production in India

Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

Businesses have ideas or products/ services which they want to communicate to the world, including customers, collaborators, investors, or industry. They invest in the conceptualizing videos which allow their vision to reach to the target group.

Professional corporate video production is not an easy job as it seems to be. The start-to-finish process includes writing, filming, editing, and distribution of video footage. A company spends a lot on professional video content to enhance its image in the market.

A professional corporate video includes images, acts, and sound to make it a mesmerizing one. By combining them all, the video conveys the idea of a business to its potential clients and other stakeholders.

Photo by Luis Morera on Unsplash


The cost of the production of corporate video is different from one to another. The costs vary according to the length, complexity of the video, and also on the corporate film making company. For example, a company training video for staff education is less costly as it requires less editing. On the other hand, the commercial/ TVC made for a company is more expensive as it comes with a detailed storyline, star-cast, and proper formatting and editing. Other factors that affect the costs of video production include the number of shooting locations, technical and modeling staff, and equipment costs.

Most of the business and companies choose India for their corporate video productions. The reason is that professional video production costs more than imagination as it involves time and editing. India is considered to be the best piece of land where there are a plethora of corporate filmmakers with the latest technology and required infrastructure. Here the services are affordable in comparison to other parts of the world.

An estimated cost of corporate video production in India is given below (the rates are excluding GST):

The above chart indicates a rough estimation of the expenses that are incurred in the making of professional corporate videos if a video production house is hired in India. The actual cost of production depends on actual the length of the video productions, casts & crews involved, and the equipment used. Moreover, the quality of production is another factor that decides the final cost.

To elaborate on the quality factor of production, here are few videos comparing their qualities with respect to their production budgets:


PRODUCTION COST: ₹1,80,000/-

PRODUCTION COST: ₹3,50,000/-

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Artists Integrated Business Private Limited ensures production values in terms of quality as well as investments. It caters to the production needs for the public sector, government sector, NGOs, industries or businesses, and individual artists. You can have your corporate video made with us at highly competitive and affordable rates with a satisfaction guarantee.