5 Common Terms You Should Know in the World of AV Production: An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Audiovisual (AV) can be simply defined as the collective component of sound and visuals. It is an electronic medium that plays a big part in presentations, films, television, conferencing, theatre productions, among many others. The professional audiovisual industry is said to be of multibillion-dollar worth, consisting of experts and working personnel from varying domains of manufacturers, consultants, programmers, etc. With a strong technical side related to audiovisual production, the process can be made less intimidating by exposure and understanding to a few common terms of use in the industry.

Common Usage Terms-AV Productions

Audio Mix: Performed with a workstation or a console, audio mixing is the process of combining and optimizing multiple audio recordings into a final product. An essential part of the production process, the audio mix ensures that the music, sound, and voice are optimally balanced.

Spot Fixture: With any event in the process, stage lighting becomes a detail of paramount importance. In simple words, experts in the domain vouch for lighting having the power to make or break an event. Spot fixtures are primarily moving ‘intelligent’ lights, that are better for lighting up a performer or a presenter or for wall effects.

Aspect Ratio: It simply means the ratio of the width of an image to its height. It is advisable to make sure that the presentations are specifically made with the aspect ratio in mind. In common terms, HD is 16:9, while SD is 4:3

Frame Rate: The number of frames influences the overall content. While traditionally 25 frames are considered, a higher number can be used to achieve the effects of slow motion, etc.

Rigging: Ceilings in events like exhibition halls are built with points to hold trusses, cabling, speakers, and other equipment. The same setup might be visible for an event like a concert. Rigging points are places from which different process equipment is hanged in a venue.

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