Get personalized film festival strategy taking into account the length, production values, genre, and budget constraints of the submission fee.

Festival Connect offers you the film festival strategy, with a listing of carefully curated film festivals after taking into consideration the length of your film, its production value, genre, and budget constraints on the submission fees.

Festival Connect incorporates all the data you need to know regarding film festival submissions, like deadlines, affiliations to the festivals, run dates, submission platforms, premiere status requirements, or any distinct categories which we feel your film matches. 
Festival Connect invests time to find the assets from your narrative to address the niche festivals. It takes elements like women filmmakers, LGBTQ narratives, documentaries, environmental issues, student projects, technical specifications, and many more, into consideration before designing the film festival strategy for your film.

Festival Connect provides you all relevant information, tailored-made for your film and befitting your film festival budget so that you can commence your festival journey adequately prepared.

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