Film Festivals are an integral part of every filmmaker’s career graph. They are the best way to show your film around the world, get recognized & rewarded to fund your next project, travel & attend screenings, find distributors, make useful contacts in the industry, get feedback, and read about your film in press. In a nutshell, to be certain that the world gets to know about you and your film.

For a successful festival run for your film, you need a well-designed film festival consultancy, management, and distribution strategy. This is an expert analysis of your film in the context of the festivals' choices. This strategy should be designed by evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your film and highlighting individual characteristics that are important for film festivals. It also offers certain directions for promoting your film, such as, which categories of festivals should it be sent first of all, in which countries it can be well received, and which film festivals are not worth spending time for.

However, designing a comprehensive film festival consultancy, management, and distribution strategy can be an incredibly confusing, time-consuming, and expensive affair for the filmmakers. That’s why we offer Festival Connect, the film festival consultancy, management, and distribution strategy service, exclusively designed to help you maximize your success in the festival circuits.

Festival Connect primarily offer film festival consultancy and serve the following management and distribution strategy to you:-

  • A customized film festival consultancy, management, and distribution strategy for your film based upon the length, production value, genre, premiere status, and budget limitations for submission fees.

  • Implement the film festival distribution strategy and manage the submissions on your behalf, being very mindful of the submission deadlines.

  • Collate the items needed to carry out festival submissions including film versions, EPK, Bios, Head Shots, Film Stills, Synopses, Dialogue lists, and more.

  • Pitching and promoting your film directly to our network of festival programmers.

  • Acquire fee waivers & discounts on submission fees, wherever possible, and pass them on to you.

  • Handling the shipment & return of all screening copies and other deliverables on your behalf.

  • Additional services of festival PR & marketing are also available on request.

The film festival consultancy, management, and distribution strategy of Festival Connect are available for short films, feature films, and non-fiction documentaries. We have separated our consultancy fees from your submission budget and never ask for it upfront. We invoice the submission fees separately to allow you to avail of the submission fee waivers/ discounts as well as any changes in deadlines or prices from the festivals.

Festival Connect offers different packages of film festival management and distribution strategy to best suit your film festival budget:

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