ARTOBYOND-X is a professional Webcast service provider based in Kolkata.


Our diverse range of services includes Live Webcast, Deferred Webcast, Intranet Webcast, Webcasting Consultancy, Video Conferencing, and Video-on-Demand.

ARTOBYOND-X helps you to take your business to new heights and dimensions by instantly connecting with millions of people across the world in a Live and real-time environment. We are equipped for the Live or deferred Live Webcasting of your product launches, conferences, seminars, and events on the web and help you reach your audience worldwide.


  • End-to-end webcasting setup including encoding, streaming, and embedding in the website of your choice.

  • In case you do not have a website, we provide a webpage with a dedicated URL for your Live Webcast.

  • Effective, clear, and flawless delivery of Live Video feeds on the web through our robust content delivery network.

  • Transitions effects and overlays on your Live Video as they appear on regular TV.

  • 100% coverage of the end-users irrespective of the type of the operating system, browser, player, etc.

ARTOBYOND-X also offers Video-On-Demand webcasting for the audience who missed your event in real-time.