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We’re Artists integrated, an independent creative start-up
that loves to learn, collaborate and grow.
Being Creative

Artists integrated is a Kolkata-based independent creative production initiative that offers creative media solutions and support to artists, filmmakers, art-organizations, event producers, and small-to-mid-sized business enterprises.

Artists integrated was founded in 2019 by two enterprising media enthusiasts, as a film festival consultant and distribution agency that helped many outstanding short films to find their audience and recognition they always deserve. The agency has quickly established a reputation for working with some most exciting shorts on the festival circuits, and many of these have won prestigious awards.
To nurture talented filmmakers, Artists integrated expanded its remit to include fiction and documentary films. The agency also won the credit of hosting three independent film festivals in India and abroad. 
Artists integrated got incorporated in 2020, as a private limited company under MCA and formalize its film festival consultant and distribution service with the brand name Festival Connect.
Since its inception, Artists integrated is steadily growing as a home for creative entrepreneurs from the worlds of film, music, brand, media, PR, production, and advertising sectors. 
Artists integrated always believe in the collaborative management style and developing entrepreneurial leadership horizontally. It has adopted the organizational strategy to collaborate with independent agencies and professionals to expand its services in other verticals: branding, photoshoots, video productions, studio rental, webcasting, and pop-up screenings.
The objective of Artists integrated is to establish an ecosystem that will leverage the overall quality of the audio-video productions at an optimal cost and support creative artists to reach their respective audiences readily.
​Artists integrated envisions its metamorphosis from a small two-person agency to a full-fledged creative media enterprise by 2025 and significantly contributes to the growth of the Indian media industry.


Meet The Team

Shubhankar Mazumdar.jpg

Shubhankar Mazumdar

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Founder Director & CEO
A management graduate with a marketing background; he runs the show from concept to delivery via finance.

Abhisekh Sinha.jpg

Abhishek Sinha

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Executive Director - ARTOBYOND
A commerce graduate with immense interest in photography; he literally runs the show from studio to shooting to delivery.


Sudarshana Chakraborty

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Creative Director - AV ONE
A journalist by profession and an impassionate filmmaker, she dabbles in creative aspects of content production.

Sourab Chakraborty.jpg

Sourab Chakraborty

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Associate Creative Director - AV ONE
An alumnus of RBU and a prolific theater activist, he sizzles the creative department with his energy.

Nandini Mazumder.jpg

Nandini Mazumder

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Digital Marketing Executive
A media graduate, she is the one who burns her midnight oil to conform our stories into the digital world.